Life in a Ghost Town
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Welcome To My Hollywood
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Rumblin On The Freeway
Oblivion Hotel
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Oblivion Hotel

A lonely corner of a lifeless town
a dirty building with the shades pulled down
no sign out front and no number on the wall
no cars are moving in the empty road
the stairs are silent and the front door's closed
you might believe that there is no one here at all

But the halls are filled with actors still waiting in the wings
tomorrow's furure heros and yesterday's next big things
here you'll find the salesmen who have nothing left to sell
and the inkeeper who's kept in at the Oblivion Hotel

go to the front desk and leave your name
forget the baggage, be glad you came
the elevator's always waiting, and the stair
the corridor is whispering as you walk
the key is in your hand, you know the lock
the room is always as you left it, always there

you unbearably light beings and you many splendored things
you seekers of the secret, believers in the spring
you say love is the redeemer, well I know that theory well
I saw it scrawled across the wall of the Oblivion Hotel

You lovers and you liars and you leaders of the led
you slayers ot the dragons and raisers of the dead
if you get tossed out of Eden you might drop in for a spell
it's just somewhere east or west of the Oblivion Hotel

if you're living for the moment or you're dying for the dawn
clinging to a memory or clutching for a straw
and you need some explainations you might look me up as well
in room 000 of the Oblivion Hotel