Life in a Ghost Town
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Ivan Pavlov High School
Clock Is A Mirror
Ivan Pavlov High School

He stood there right before me
with a snicker on his lips
he had one foot in the future
and one hand on his bullwhip
he said "Son, we'd like to help you,
have we given you enough to do?"
I responded in kind, "I'd like to ease my mind"
and threw up on his shoe
which I didn't do to gain his respect at all
but he'd parked his limousine right in front of the stall

the bell rang in the courtyard
and we lay there in a hush
they removed the locks from my skinner box
and I proceeded to catch the bus
I said, "Driver, where are you taking me,
and can you take me home instead?"
He said, "We're going to the big pep rally today"
I said, "the living will envy the dead"
by which I did not mean to question his advice
for his fangs were sharp and his eyes were full of ice

but I've looked into the multi-family future
and I've put my hand on many-breasted fate
and I volunteered my guinea pig for the experiment
and I passed out in the classroom
and I woke up in the bathroom
of Ivan Pavlov High School

downstairs in the wood shop
they were keeping me occupied
building 20 foot models of warships in bottles
out of coffee cans and pine
they said, "Son, this is the future,
are you given to understand?"
when I protested they had me arrested
so I told them of my plan
to sell bogus chewing gum to the russian spies
for which they gave me an "A" and had me hypnotized

but I've looked into the multi-family future ...

tomorrow's the big reunion
they'll probably let me go
if I promise not to play with anything sharp
they gave me an education
they gave me a career
they gave me a small electrode
in a socket behind my ear

but I've looked into the multi-family future ...