Life in a Ghost Town
Where the Bars Never Close
Pennyheart Moon
Checkbook Charlie
Can't Say No to Midnight
Black Is The Color
Starfall Over Texas
Keep Going Wrong
666 Miles to Go
All You Want
Towns Keep Rolling By

Welcome To My Hollywood
No Blue Light
Rumblin On The Freeway
Oblivion Hotel
Heart Of The Executioner
My Names Jesus
Days Of Thunder
Not Love
Missile In The Dark
Midnight Lullaby

The Answer
The Amazing Circle
Out Of My Brain
Better Start To Run
The Greenhouse Effect
Age Of Romance
Purple Sky At Dawn
Mr Hygiene
Ivan Pavlov High School
Clock Is A Mirror
Midnight Lullabye

hey moon, you're a cop on the heartbreak patrol
in your hand a silver nightstick
in your teeth a bloodshot rose
tripping over pumpkins down on the
cinderella streets
where the victimless pedestrians stop
to get a bite to eat

hey star you're a priest in the church of the sky
holding midnight mass for all the
terrorists and the fireflys
the rockets that we send you
are donations on your plate
while the homeless wait for handouts
outside your silver gate

and the whole night is a clinic
where the nurses sing a nursery rhyme
while patiently the patients scrub
the floors with gauze and iodine
while the doctors write prescriptions
for transfusions of anti-freeze
and the symptoms win the Oscars
and make speeches thanking the disease

hey cloud you're a pale taxicab upon the air
the wind is your dispatcher
and you're hunting for a fare
although I try to flag you down
you just keep floating by
drifting off behind the wheel
of your checker in the sky

you just keep on drifting by