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Ready To Knock Down Some "Straw Men"?

On his just-released single, "Straw Men", Laslow takes on the politicians and pundits who are currently doing their best to destroy America's political discourse. Are we ready for a change?

"There is a lovely lilting, raggle-taggle feeling to the song, a slightly 60’s vibe and perhaps tipping a hat to the likes of Country Joe McDonald, someone who never shied away from speaking truth to power"
-Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

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"Simplex knows how to write a good story line, and knows how to write lyrics that closely play off one another."
-Tom Lohrmann, Tom Lohrmann Music

" a weird, trippy jam between Hank Williams, Captain Beefheart, Neil Young and Tom Waits."
-more more sound

"There’s something in the rhythm and lyrics. Okay pretty much everything..."
-Heidi Fuqua, Heidi's Wanderings