All About Laslow Simplex

Widely regarded as LA's most unsung songwriter, Laslow Simplex creates little tunes that take on life's bigger picture. Ready to find inspiration almost anywhere, he wanders the sun-roasted streets and desert highways in search of insights, outtakes, and off-ramps.

Skirting the outer margins of folk-rock, country, jazz, and Americana, Laslow’s music is a singular, often bare-knuckle brew. He draws on a wide range of influences: Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Chet Baker, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Talking Heads, Django Reinhart, Jimmie Rodgers, and dozens more. A musician since childhood, he’s played in every imaginable context, from big bands to sawdust-floored country bars to festival stages and dark urban coffee-houses.

When away from the microphone, he can almost alway be found with a camera in hand, or modifying one more guitar - because there's always another image and another sound waiting.

Music and Videos (c)2020 Laslow Simplex   -   Photography (c)2020 Gallop Creative