Laslow Simplex - Hear the Acoustic Evidence

Laslow's newest release is the concept EP "Acoustic Evidence", which takes a trip through the mind of JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Roll along through landscapes of folk, jazz, and americana - but watch out for the twists and turns. Click the cover for more info.

Read about the new EP Acoustic Evidence, singer/songwriter Laslow Simplex's trip through the mind of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Watch the video for Life In A Ghost Town, featuring a very rare and very red Gretsch Monkees guitar.

Here's the official video for the song "Life In A Ghost Town." It features Laslow, some classic 1930's dust bowl footage, and an equally classic Gretsch 6123 "Monkees Model" guitar.

Music and Videos (c)2013 Laslow Simplex   -   Photography (c)2013 Gallop Creative